29 September 2007

We're Going to Disneyland... Paris!

So next Wednesday is Reunification Day, a German national holiday, and whether because of this or coincidentally, the international school my son goes to closes for the week. This means an enforced vacation for me, since it's still not acceptable to leave a five-year-old (especially one who has only been five for two weeks) at home alone all day.

I had been hoping the ex-boyfriend would come for a visit (he still says he will) this week, but no luck. So I was casting about for a compelling vacation spot for the week that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Amsterdam again? Barcelona? The Adriatic? The North Sea? Copenhagen? Brussels? Prague? Stockholm?

And then the neighbors called to say they were going to go to Disneyland Paris, and would we like to go with them? Which means cheap digs and people to translate for us (the neighbors are from Montreal), so heck yeah, count us in!

We leave tomorrow at 5AM. I hope to start using my German blog site soon, so maybe the next time you read about us it will be auf deutsch!

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