05 August 2007

Curly Wurly

When I was a pre-teen girl at Concordia Camp, somewhere in northern Michigan, I lived for the camp store to open. Concordia was a Christian camp that my parents had somehow been suckered into sending me to, and I hated almost every minute of every day there. But when the camp store opened, I experienced the joy of freedom when I was allowed to exchange my paltry allowance for goods in the form of candy, in particular a candy bar known as the Marathon bar. For those of you who have never experienced the joy of a Marathon bar, it was a foot-long strip of braided chocolate-covered caramel which could be eaten at room temperature, but was by far best eaten frozen.

And then they stopped making Marathon bars! I still remember them fondly and have tried to describe them to friends, but have usually been met with blank stares.

Until we moved to Germany. Standing in line at Real (pronounced Ray-all) last night, I saw a familiar picture of a braided chocolate-covered caramel candy bar in an unfamiliar package: a Curly Wurly (which I will subsequently nominate for stupidest candy bar name EVER) by Cadbury.

On the off-chance that these might actually be the same as my beloved long-lost Marathon bars, I bought 5 of them. (At 39 eurocents each, this was not a huge investment.) I put them in our almost-empty freezer (which, this being Germany where wives are encouraged and even paid to stay home and shop daily for groceries and cook for their husbands and children, is used for almost nothing else since nearly all our food is purchased and eaten fresh), and almost forgot about them until just now, when I tore the wrapper off and took my first bite of a childhood memory, which I look forward to sharing with my son.

Anyone else have fond childhood memories of candy (or another food) which is no longer made?

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