09 September 2008

Single Moms for Sarah Palin!*

Single moms need to unite behind John McCain. Clearly, only the Republicans are supportive of women who get pregnant out of wedlock. Instead of being judgmental and blaming the parents, Republicans accept that sometimes kids make mistakes regardless of how well they were raised, and that we need to support them no matter what.

In addition, only the Republicans are strongly behind the right of an individual and family to make their own choice about how to proceed with an unexpected pregnancy.

Finally, the best thing about the new Republican party: single moms need not feel guilty about all the time they don't spend with their kids. The really important thing to note here is that it's REPUBLICANS who are suddenly the party of choice: choice about what to do about an unexpected pregnancy, choice about who raises that child, and how.

Woot! McCain/Palin in 2008!

*Of course I'm kidding.

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