04 May 2007


Now I have unrequited Hauslust. In German, of course, that would be all one word: Hauslustunrequiten.

The house is officially unavailable to us.

In essence, the owner has withdrawn her home from the market until further notice. Both real estate agents think she was just too attached to her house to deal with the reality of having anyone -- any strangers -- living in it and breathing in it and touching her walls and walking on her floors and cooking in her perfect kitchen and so forth. I had Hauslust, but she was in deep Hausliebe with her house.

I'm not taking it so personally now. I was offended when I thought she wasn't going to let us rent her house because she thought my nearly-perfect four-year-old boy would be harder on it than her presumably impeccably-perfect six-year-old girl; now that I understand that it's just a personal problem, I can let it go.


1 comment:

anish said...

Aww, damn it!

good luck with finding something as good!