09 April 2007

United 93

I watched United 93 tonight. Jesus. The idea that this could have all been a government hoax to foment public opinion in support of a war for oil in Iraq... Jesus. No. What is wrong with people? Just because your government is lying to you doesn't mean it's capable of anything. Not this. No.

And I'm sorry; I know there are people who believe this truly, madly, deeply, but conspiracies of this size cannot be kept secret. Try keeping a secret with just three people some day and you'll see what I mean. Conspiracies that require hundreds, if not thousands, of players to keep their mouths shut and relay the lie in the same way just are not possible. Was there incompetence at work? Confusion? Problems with the chain of command? Inadequate emergency disaster planning? Hell yes. But a conspiracy? By our own government? Well, if you believe that, you probably believe the Apollo landings on the moon were a conspiracy, too, and I'll talk to you when you take off your tinfoil hat.

I also realized I, like many others, am guilty of forgetting the other two planes when I talk about 9/11. I forget United 93, and I forget the plane that flew into the Pentagon. I guess nothing is as dramatic as the sight of two skyscrapers collapsing in a pile of rubble, but still, how do I forget those other two planes?

I will save this (yes, I bought it; I'm not kidding, I'm obsessed with air disasters now) for my son to watch when he is old enough. How old is that? Christ, I don't know. When he's old enough to start asking questions about it, I guess. When he's old enough to learn about it in school, or from his school chums. Whenever that is -- I hope that time is a long, long way away.


anish said...

I love the way you write! =)

About the "moon landings" and the "9/11 conspiracies": No comment! :P

Take care and good luck with getting what you want, as in the whole partner bit. =)

Lyralei said...

No comment? That's not what I've come to expect from you, Anish. Come on -- you're my only non-friend reader -- if you don't comment, who will!?

anish said...

Okay fine. Personally, I am a sucker for conspiracy theories. They fascinate me. The possibility of something so major being a hoax tempts me to believe it. But honestly, seeing both sides of things, I don't know what to believe.

The moon thing: I would love to believe that we did land on it, but somehow I dont. 9/11 - I don't know what to believe.

So, well, there you go! =)

Lyralei said...

Oh, Anish! The tinhat people have gotten to you. :(

Luckily, you're young. I think you will realize when you get older that a conspiracy that big would be revealed, I don't know, in a nanosecond?

I'm not saying we weren't lied to about a lot of things, including who was behind the 19 hijackers. I'm sure we were lied to, and it bothers me.

But a planned demolition? Or the planes never really hit? There *were* no planes? All those people were just "disappeared," or executed by our own miltiary to make a case for war, or given secret identities and told never to talk about it?

Please tell me you don't believe any of those things!

(P.S. I am a mechanical engineer, not a structural engineer, but I believe the buildings fell from the incredible heat of the fire, which was not like the heat of a typical building fire, and then as one floor of the building fell onto another, the mass of each succeeding floor falling accelerated the fall of the next, until the entire building was dust. The stiffness of steel when hot is *significantly* less than that of cold steel, as the Young's modulus approaches zero.)

And I can't prove we landed on the moon, unfortunately, but I *do* believe it. I have no reason to believe we didn't, and I don't think any of the conspiracy theorists do either! It is fascinating to contemplate, but who would have benefited from that deception? Was it just to show up the Russians??? Build American morale?

There's a theory called Occam's Razor that says that the least complicated explanation is usually the true one. In my opinion, it is infinitely more difficult to to convince 100s of NASA employees and their families to conspire than it is to just build a rocket ship and fly it to the moon. Bear in mind that my profession is entirely dependent on software developed by and for NASA in order to allow rockets to fly to the moon and you may understand why I am reluctant to believe that the whole thing was just a big ol' hoax designed to fool the Russkies and the rest of the world along with them.