03 April 2007

Officially Official

Well, it's officially official. Not only has the organizational announcement gone out, but I have gotten the call from my Global Relocation Source advisor, who is based in London. Now I'm officially excited.

One sticking point: My son will be five on September 11th. He needs to be five on September 1st in order for him to go to the International School (at company expense). So I can either (a) send him to the International School at my expense (about $1200/month), (b) fight to have my company make an exception regarding this policy, or (c) put him in an alternative pre-school, like a Montessori or a Waldorf.

It's not a big deal; just one of many curve balls I expect to have thrown my way. I'm leaning toward (c) at the moment, but I'd be okay if (b) worked out, too.

Looks like we'll move around June 1st. Soon we'll be one of a large group of American expats in Germany.

Wish us luck!

1 comment:

anish said...

Yay it's official! =)

Umm regarding your son, fight for making an exception god dammit! It's a matter of 10 days! Sheesh, people somtimes!

Good luck! =) Blog On!