01 March 2007

litbrit: Five Things I've Learned

Read this post from a fellow Blogger tonight and wondered, hmm, what have I learned in my forty-four years? (Yes, I know my profile says I'm 30-something, and I am -- I'm thirty-fourteen, okay?!) Not much, really. I mean, I'm one of the wisest people I know*, and yet it hasn't done me a damn bit of good in my personal life as far as I can tell.

Can I even say I've learned five things in forty-four years? I don't know. I've learned to be grateful for what I have and to not covet the things I don't have. That's about it, I think.

And yes, today was my birthday. Or rather, yesterday was. And, except for the two times my son sang, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday... to... near my mommy!" it sucked. But I was grateful for my health, my happy child, and my recent good fortune at work.

If one of these years God sees fit to bless me with a man who loves me on my birthday, I can assure Him that I would be most grateful for that, too. Meanwhile, I'll try not to covet the husbands of others.

*I will be the first to admit that, given the company I keep, this doesn't mean all that much.


anish said...


I am 25 years and 364 days younger to you. No I am not rubbing it in, but I just wanted to prove that I am a Piscean too. =)

The new job in Germany? Are you taking it?

And seriously good luck with God's blessings, however weird that sounds.

Lyralei said...

Anish, happy birthday! And welcome to Official Adulthood, at least here in the US. Is the age of Official Adulthood different in Dubai?

I won't hold it against you that you're a March Piscean :)

How odd that my one regular reader (so far!) is 18, lives in Dubai, and has a birthday one day apart from mine. The internet makes for some interesting friendships, doesn't it?

I am most definitely taking the job in Germany. I leave for the former GDR next Sunday for a week, and then I'll probably go back in another month to find housing and check out the schools. The inside of my head is a whirlwind. More soon.

Thanks for your good wishes. I hope yours was a memorable birthday.

anish said...

Hey lyralei..(?)

Thank you! "Adulthood" in Dubai is at the age of 21, but I am planning to pursue my undergrad in the States. I have already gotten in Illinois, but my priority is U of Texas @ Austin. I haven't heard from them yet, but my point is these are my last 6 months in Dubai! Yay! I don't like it that much here. Dubai is too superficial. But great friends change all that, so that's the sustainer currently.

And yay! You are heading for Germany. Change is always worthwhile, otherwise you would be regretting what could have been. My sister (9 years older to me) is in Spain presently and really enjoying it. She is teaching English, learning Spanish (as in she is already fluent and is giving her TEFL in Spanish) and dancing salsa. Anyway she is my inspiration and I really look up to her, and I just HAVE to boast about her, whenever I get the chance. So umm, sorry!

My birthday was good, thanks to my beloved friends. I will really miss them when I leave! =(

And yup, interesting friendship indeed. =D

Take care and good luck in Deutschland!