09 March 2007

Leaving Home

Sunday I'll be leaving for a week. I'll be in Germany three days and two nights, and in Sweden two days and three nights, coming back Saturday evening. That means I won't see my son for over five days and six nights. The longest we have ever been apart before is two days and one night, when he was barely a year old and my sister stayed with him in Germany while I flew to Italy and back for a business meeting.

I'd be worried, except that the girl* he'll be staying with is almost his second mom. She's been taking care of him since I went back to work when he was four months old. She loves him, and he loves her. They have the same kind of fights that we do, which means he feels safe with her, and they have a routine together because she watched him every Wednesday night for the last two years when I went out with my erstwhile boyfriend. So I don't have the kind of trepidation about this trip that I would if I was going to leave him with my sister, or a neighbor.

But still. Five days without my boy -- what am I going to do?

*She's 28, so in the name of sisterhood and all I should probably go with "woman." But, c'mon; she's a girl.


anish said...

Oii relax! It's only five days, could have been more. OPTIMISM.

And good luck with Germany and Sweden Safe traveling! Take care and never forget to enjoy! =)

Lyralei said...

Five days is a looooooong time to a five-year-old. Hell, it's a long time to me, too, in some ways.

I'll post something about the trip, and my son's reaction to my absence, when I get back. (Suffice it to say that I have had both good and bad experiences.) My internet time (and battery life) are limited for now and I don't want to use up what little I have left blogging :)

Guten abend.