13 February 2007

Losing People

After avoiding talking about it for almost two months because I was hoping my ex and I would magically stay together, I finally told my four-year-old that I was sad because I missed our friend. He looked at me quizzically and helpfully suggested, "Why don't we go visit him at his house? When it's not a school day?"

It was then that I realized he had no concept of losing people. He never had a dad, so he never experienced his loss (though he does feel his absence); we've lived in the same place since he was old enough to crawl, so he's never lost neighbors; and he's never had to lose friends, except those that have come and gone at his pre-school and so far, luckily, none of his "best" friends has moved away.

Oh, kid. I wish I could protect you from the heartbreak that comes from losing people you care about, especially when it's entirely outside of your control. But one day, I'm sure you'll understand.


anish said...

i am sure he will, but i hope he doesnt have to. =)

nice post.

Lyralei said...

Ah, Anish, for one your age, you are very wise!

I hope my son grows up to be as wise as you. I am sure he will have to learn about losing people. It's a lesson everyone has to learn, I think. But I hope he learns it in a kind rather than brutal way.

Thanks for your comments. I have a reader! You're no longer ephermal and fictitious! :)

Lyralei said...

Uh, I meant ephemeral, of course. (Apparently, two glasses of wine is how many it takes before I can no longer spell.)

anish said...

Thank you for the compliment(s). =)

Blog on! :)