29 January 2007

Happy Anniversary, Blogspot!

I started this blog almost exactly a year ago because I wanted a "safe place" to whine, bitch, and moan about my ex-boyfriend. But I came down with a serious case of writer's block when I realized I didn't want to whine, bitch, or moan too enthusiastically because, well, I was attempting to convince my ex-boyfriend to give us another go, and I wanted him to come back to me more than I wanted the satisfaction of venting, so I posted the lame post you will see if you go to the February 2006 archives, and then one other, about a girl on my co-ed soccer team, and then this blog essentially went dark for the next 12 months.

It went dark because my ex-boyfriend wooing was at least partially successful, and we went out until just recently, when I found myself at the unhappy end of a breakup yet again. This time, however, he made it clear that I should just save my time and not try to talk him into giving us another go.

So here I am again, seeking solace in the blogosphere.

And I'm still not going to vent about my ex-boyfriend, at least not in any detail -- at least, not in any detail that could get me slapped with a libel suit. Or leave me unable to take back what I said, in the very, very unlikely event that we ever get back together, or the only slightly less unlikely possibility that we find ourselves wanting to be friends one day.

But I am going to use my damn blog. And I promise you -- you unseen and so far imaginary readers out there -- I will eventually think of things to

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Anonymous said...

how did you get him back?